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Assignment description Using OOP create a class that corresponds to a Monster. That monster must contain information such as Health (HP), AttackPower (AP), DefensivePower (DP), Speed (S), and Race. The Race can have a value of either Orc, Troll or Goblin. All other can be float values. The Monsters will also have an Attack() method that will be used for combat (The formula for which will be explained later). Then, write a program that simulates combat between 2 monsters. The program will first ask the user for input as to which monsters are going to battle each other. This is going to be an integer (1 = Orc, 2= Troll, 3 = Goblin), followed by 4 floats (each one is going to be given from user input, and the order is the following: HP – AP – DP - S). The program must not allow battles between 2 monsters of the same race. Once that is done, the program will then determine the winner of this battle using the following formula: Damage = AttackPower – DefensivePower. If the Damage is negative-valued, then it defaults to zero. Damage is then subtracted from the Health of the Victim, and if he is still alive, then he will become the attacker until either one dies first. The whole attacking mechanic will be done through Attack() method. Also, the first monster to attack will be the one with the higher speed. After one of the monsters die, the program will print the winning monster and the number of turns the battle took (Each time someone attacks, it is considered a turn.) You may use extra variables to achieve your goal if you believe that’s necessary