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1. Don't hack or use hacks!

Hacks include (but are not limited to): xray, freecam, flying, anything that gives you a significant advantage.

Some mods are allowed, provided they don’t give you an in-game advantage. Examples of allowed mods: OptiFine, MAtmos

If you’re unsure about a mod, ask @TRGWII.

1.1 Do not duplicate items

If you are caught with duped items or an admin finds proof of duping, you will be banned.

The same punishment will be applicable if you find duped items and don’t report them to an admin, even if you don’t take them with you.

2. Do not destroy other people's creations (Exceptions apply in Rule 4.1)

This includes blowing up, creating holes, mining away, filling with water or lava, building over someone else’s build, etc.

2.1 Do not obstruct other people's view with huge builds that block the landscape

This includes building lavacasts, giant walls, etc, close enough to see from another person’s base or build.

3. Do not steal from other users or factions

This should be obvious under the griefing rule (2), but SOME players don’t get this.

4. Factions

Players have the ability to create factions on this server. This is done simply by creating a banner and marking your creations with them.

Any faction must have a minimum of 2 players.

4.1 Allies & Rivals

Factions are normally Neutral towards other factions.

Factions have the ability to become Allies if both sides agree to.

Factions can go from Allies to Neutral if either side agrees to.

Factions can also become Rivals if either side agrees to.

Factions can go to war against eachother only if both sides agree to. Going to war means that griefing and stealing is allowed against your opponent faction bases, provided that ABOVE 50% of the opposing faction is online.

A war between factions ends if more than 50% of either side dies by the hands of the opponent. (This includes death by traps, lava, non-conventional killing methods).

5. Do not post porn or gore in the Telegram chat

This will lead to a 1-week media mute.


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